Tuesday, July 22, 2008

WEEK 8:HOMOcidal maniac

I had a few weird ideas for this
And I was kind of experimenting and this turned out
It kind of reminds me of the bad guys from this show I use to watch when I was little
It was called TEKNOMAN!!!

All the bad guys had a name to do with blades or weapons,
I think some of them were like Dagger, Axe, Rapier and Lance

I want mine to be like Heavy Ball

It might be hard to see but there is some touching happening there


  1. that's friggin amazical. Like, way too pretty and too much work for the likes of this place!!

  2. i'm sorry
    i combined my projects
    and i was dying to paint something

  3. no one said combining projects was illegal! I really really like it!

  4. thanks you
    i apologize too much!
    also btw
    i got you a present for your birthday
    but it might arrive a bit late
    we will have to hangout soon so i can give it to you

  5. I can totally see the touching part there!!!