Tuesday, July 22, 2008

week 8: HOMOcidal maniac

I don't know where the homicidal, or the maniac part is, but I think I have the HOMO part down pretty good.

Also, my douchebag brother thinks my mammoths look like Snuffleupagus. I counter that with, Snuffleupagus looks like a mammoth.

Also also, if you want to be historically accurate, it was buffalo that got tricked off cliffs. And I think it was a lot later...

It's my 22nd birthday next week folks. I think that's too old to draw crap like this, not that I'm stopping.


  1. hehehe i love the little guys in the back

  2. Hahahah nice historical data!! By the wy that Snuffleupagus is ver creepy!!!

  3. I like your hunchbackness, hahahahahahahah