Sunday, July 13, 2008

Week 7: Mythical Creatures

I'm about to start painting this, I thought I ought to post an image of how nice it was before I screw it up.

I' m lazy, I finished this two days ago and I'm just posting it now, and I didn't send any reminder emails...I'm much too lazy to think of something witty to write.


  1. awesome so far, though i am surprised you are not a unicorn.

  2. believe me, I thought of that first, this was only supposed to be a doodle, and then it looked so nice I thought, what the hey?

  3. legendary!!!
    i like it a lot!!!

  4. Oh man, freakin sphinxes rule!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. agree, hahaha maybe we should all be unicorns for once

  6. nice paintin' thar. the wings get lost a bit though but i love your grumpy face and hand lettering.

    maybe we should have a unicorn week? :D

  7. I agree about the wings Jill LOST. But I figured I'd spent too much time on it already since I started the teamo with the intent that these would be crappy 1/2 assed drawings...

    OH WELL.

    Alej, I agree, and I am putting it on the list, we should ALL be unicorns, everyone needs a break for unicorns.

  8. I LOVE IT SO MUCH I CANT STOP .. ahaha, i hear a catfight on the street right now... hahahahahahha
    it made me think of us. bitch.

    you better be chaosing my face off... or else.

    <3 <3 <3