Saturday, February 28, 2009

New Dreamo starting tomorrow

Alright guy's and ladies. The theme for your doodles for the next two weeks is FETUS. So throughout the fortnight we should all be posting any little sketchbook doodles and scribbles we do based on this theme! It no longer has to include you in there anywhere, unless you want it to. It also no longer has a set due date, anything done within these two weeks can be posted, and you can post them later, as long as they are tagged properly with the start date and end date, theme, and your name (I hate having to go back into your entries and make sure they are tagged right, so please look at this entry, and tag to match okay?).

Also, below is the list of topics that Vicki and I have come up with so far. We can either continue with these, or if anyone can think of some better one for the next theme, please let me know in comment on this entry, and I'll add it to the list for the next one, so that we have a record of all the themes we've ever done and all the themes we plan to do.

Private i's...eyes...?
birth defect
i got your nose (hand gesture)
plague victims
Harry Belafonte
crooked cops