Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Week 4: Grade 3 Grodiness was Golden

Yeah, my two best friends, with their straightened hair,
their flat chests and their beautiful skin, always told
me nice words, while I had unwanted hair in many areas,
while white endless worms came out of red areas,
when black heads populated my face and my
arm-pits sweated...
I think they were really nice friends!


  1. i am in disbelief...

    this is AMAZING ALEJ!!!!
    its SO grody.

    you captured it so well, congratulations my pimply faced pal!

    you must have had that ugly duckling syndrome, cus now your SMOKING HOT.

  2. ali!! está increible amiga, for those who read this... i´m one of ale´s best friends illustrated in here haha! te adoro amiga pero q onda con tu grody girl jaja ni al caso contigo si eres guapisima desde siempre TE AMO AMIGUILLA