Friday, June 20, 2008

Week 4: The First Grody Kid!

My slightly younger brother (Brenden) wanted to try his hand at a grody kid. The only thing wrong with it is that he isn't in the image anywhere, but hey, he's not really in the Teamo, though he does have better work ethic than all of us, he finished this DAYS ago! I thought maybe it could act as a gross little motivator. TRY AND BEAT THIS. These kids had better be REALLY grody!

Look at how the fat rolls over the table, the boogers all over his face, the collection of nose goblins inside his desk, the dirt, the grime, the poo, the F. Also that pukey fuschia.

This image is created with gouache and love.


  1. I love how the little boogers have shapes, hahaha like the kid was using them as plasticine!!! I know someone like that... hahahahaahahaha
    I love it