Sunday, October 12, 2008

week 18: Troll Dolls

these colours feel like the 90's.


  1. Ohh ,my sweet Lord, Britt, I love yoour digital work, its amazing!!!!!!! This is absolutely pricelesssss!!!!!! WOOWOWOWOWOWW

  2. didnt we make a vow after the first week to NEVER do digital colour versions again?

    i think i remember that. and i think i'm upset with you.

    although you POSTED. so i guess i don't have a leg to stand on. i am legless. anti-legged. leg-free. i could go on.

  3. Ohh my, I didint know about this rule!!!!

  4. don't worry alej, I think it was just our personal rule, because Vicki and I hate digital colouring.

    You're right dude, I was gonna post just the sketch, but I though, what the hey, i'll chuck some putrid flat colours on there, since that is the spirit of the 90's and the troll doll!

  5. oh no!
    is there really a no digital rule
    i had no idea

    i guess i'll start painting again
    i need to catch up still
    oh lordy

    this is awesome also!
    i really love those troll tits
    and gem wrinkles!