Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Week 11 - Finally!

Oh man, another scary and AWFUL week for me, you know, the kind with tears? so I'll be a little late AGAIN with this one, but I PROMISE, I will draw it one my break tomorrow at worky worky.

Wow, I'm a douche, I have a doodle that I did while at school registering for classes and being given the run-around, but I haven't had a chance to scan it, I'll probably end up posting it along with next week's.

EDIT Sept 4th: WELL, Looks like I'm more than a week late, WHOOPS. Sorry guys, I really am trying not to fall behind, I'll draw some feces later I promise


  1. this makes me giggle like a fool
    at first it thought your robot was trying to commit suicide

    and i like the metal boobies
    you should have bolts for nipples

  2. is it normal to not think about sex but gears grinding together, even though i'm not a robot?

    cus to me, there is NOTHING hotter than a bunch of hot, steely hard gears intertwined in a moment of industrial passion and interlocking lust...

    i'll be back in 5 minutes, i'm sorry.